Our Vision


Premier Vocational Training Institute will be a model vocational education training institute that contributes in bridging the yawning gap in technical skills acquisition within the Nigerian educational system in order to meet the demands of the specialised labour market.

And will also foster economic growth and poverty alleviation in Nigeria through middle level manpower resource development and capacity building, enhancement of youth employability and nurture of entrepreneurial skills for job creation.

Our Aims


• To prepare the teaming Nigerian youths for specific trades, crafts, technical skills and careers at various levels for industries such as communication and information technology, retail, cosmetics, tourism etc, and professional technical positions in engineering, nursing, medicine, accountancy, pharmacy, architecture, etc through a blended programme of theoretical and practical apprenticeship schemes.

• To provide opportunities to perform work corresponding to a certain level of complexity and responsibility in the area of ones chosen vocation.

• To award accredited vocational education qualification certificates appropriate to the acquired level of training and skills in a vocational area of choice