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This delivery arrangement was proposed to ensure the quality of the learning aid at the required level.

The courses being facilitated by PVTI Training team were:

  • Telecommunications Products
  • Telecommuniction Services
  • CRM
  • Customer Service Series
  • Network Architecture
  • Quality Assurance
  • Policy, Procedures and Processes

The training delivery approach is instructor-led, involving class activities / discussions/ role plays and practical hands-on for systems and applications courses.


A formal assessment based on the Kirk Patrick Evaluation model (KP1 and KP2) was conducted at the end of the training programme as a means of evaluating the success of the training programme

  1. KP1 – Reaction of Learners (Training Survey): This assessment was used to evaluate the reaction of the delegates on the programme.
  2. KP2 – Learning (Final Assessment): This assessment measures the increase in knowledge or capability of participants. The pass mark for each assessment is 80% out of 100%.

These learning outcomes measure the effectiveness of the programme and the facilitator on the subject matter.

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