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The training program will aid Business owners, Managers, Senior and junior staff, and independent individuals to be aware of the collection of technologies, standards, policies and management practices that are applied to information to keep it secured thereby sensitizing them of the need and techniques to keep individual or corporate data secured.


  1. Understand the importance of information
  2. Understand the concept of information / data security.
  3. Understand the need for information security in the success of a business.
  4. Acquire the needed knowledge in identifying common attacks on corporate data
  5. Learn Countermeasures to most common information attacks
  6. Understand how to encrypt data for safe transmit across any platforms
  7. Practically demonstrate File Encryption System


Business owners, Small scale enterprise owners, Managers, Supervisors and interested individuals.


By this training, we intend to theoretically and practically equip the audience to better understand the importance of information , the need for and mechanisms of information security from both personal and business perspective . Some of our motivations include:

  • Improvement of ethical work practices with regards to business data: An important fractional part of workplace ethics is protecting business data from purposes other than those for which the data is needed. This includes indiscriminate disclosure of data, its malicious use as well as its protection from malicious users amongst all. An awareness in these areas of data security will ensure a remarkable improvement in how individuals and corporate workers handle business data
  • A preventive measure for business disaster: The greatest disaster in any business is that of data loss and corruption. Availability of relevant information is an indispensable component of disaster prevention and recovery.
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