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Time Management Training

This is a productivity-geared development program designed to provide Supervisors, Team Leads with an effective knowledge of time management. It aims to enhance the skills of prioritizing and scheduling in the work place with the goal of maximizing productivity. It seeks to drive motivation via setting up of both organizational and individual goals. The program aims to deploy a culture of constructive time management by inspiring in all participants, conscious time management ethics and values.


This program will aid Managers, administrators, Supervisors, Team Leads to cultivate and expand their time management skills, enabling them to utilize effectively the function of goal setting, scheduling process, efficient planning and delegation.

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors and Team Leads of people and processes.

Training Objectives

  1. Understand the essence, classification and purpose of time management.
  2. Understand and appreciate the significance of time management towards achieving set targets.
  3. Understand the various Principles of Time Management and application.
  4. Acquire and develop the competency in assembling data for relevant Goal setting & Planning.
  5. Better understand and appreciate the basics of Prioritizing and Scheduling as a strategic time management tool.
  6. Appreciate the importance of Time management in people and process management.
  7. Setting and meeting organizational targets within fixed deadlines.

Training Intentions

This training aims at presenting practical and realistic approach to time management, in order to equip Team leaders, supervisors and managers of people and processes, with skills that prepare them in achieving set targets especially on which deadlines have been set. In addition,

  • A desire to further empower the workforce in the formal sector of the economy.
  • A desire for improvement/enhancement of productivity.
  • A desire for an efficient management of workforce.

Training Modules

The nine (9) training modules are fitted with case studies to aid an understanding of the processes involved in Time Management; Planning, Scheduling, Prioritizing, Time sustenance, Capacity appropriation, Significance of time management to enhanced productivity.


Time is an invaluable asset of which a focused and result orientated organization can never have enough of. Skills need to be acquired, developed and enhanced to ensure tasks are achieved smartly, efficiently and economically. Time management skills will ensure competitiveness of an organization in any Industry

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